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Get your holiday shopping done with the best browser for shopping

This year truly has felt like it’s flown by. I cannot believe we’re only six weeks away from the end of the year. Even crazier that come January, it will be two years since we launched Microsoft Edge. As our two-year anniversary approaches, I am excited to share with you how we continue to make…



This year truly has felt like it’s flown by. I cannot believe we’re only six weeks away from the end of the year. Even crazier that come January, it will be two years since we launched Microsoft Edge. As our two-year anniversary approaches, I am excited to share with you how we continue to make Microsoft Edge the browser that puts you and your loved ones first.

One area we’ve been focused on is making your shopping experience fast and seamless. A year ago, we announced our built-in autofill coupons feature and proactive price comparisons in certain countries to help you save time and money while shopping online. We’ve also continued to add to our suite of shopping features by introducing more built-in tools to help you plan your next purchase by providing historical trends of prices on products. We’ve also given you easy access to expert reviews and customer ratings, and we’ve made the guest checkout process more streamlined.

This month, we’re introducing new shopping features to help you finish up (or maybe start?) that holiday shopping, including some that we’re now bringing to Microsoft Edge on mobile. Microsoft Bing also plays a big role in making Microsoft Edge the best browser for shopping this holiday, so we’re excited to share the latest there as well. Lastly, because we not only look to save you time and money while shopping, we’re also introducing our latest features to help keep you safer online.

Here’s what’s new in web experiences this month:

Let Microsoft Edge help you keep an eye on the price

I haven’t been shy about my love of shopping online but let’s be honest, shopping for the holidays can be overwhelming. We’re shopping for multiple people from a variety of retailers and at the same time keeping track of the many sales going on to make sure we stay on budget. It’s easy to lose track, especially when we’re so busy handling other aspects of our lives.

Microsoft Edge is here to alleviate some of the stress by helping you keep an eye on products you’ve recently viewed and alert you of price changes. This feature is coming soon and will be built into the browser, so you just need to browse as you normally would, and Microsoft Edge will let you know if any of the items you’ve recently looked at have changed in price. This eliminates having to check back on each product yourself, especially during the holidays when your online shopping list is probably very long.

This feature, combined with our other built-in tools like price comparison, price history, easy access to customer ratings and expert reviews, and our auto-fill coupons tool, it’s as if Microsoft Edge became the personal shopping assistant you’ve always needed. Not only helping you save money, but also time. If you haven’t used our browser for shopping yet, right now is a really good time to take it for a test run! You won’t be disappointed.

Shop online with Microsoft Edge and Bing – and make a difference

Now more than ever, it is important that we make more environmentally conscious choices in order to leave a better legacy for future generations. This is why we’re thrilled to announce a new shopping experience on Microsoft Bing that can help you choose ethically sourced products wherever you are on the web.

Microsoft Bing has partnered with Good On You, a platform that rates fashion brands based on their performance on a host of sustainability and social responsibility metrics. If you live in the U.K., these scores are now available so you can filter results when shopping on Microsoft Bing, helping you shop with confidence that you are making ethical choices that align to your values.

Beyond this, Microsoft Edge is committed to giving back to the future of our planet. Coming soon, for every 10 purchases made in Microsoft Edge at eligible retailers, we will make a donation to the Eden Reforestation Project for planting trees*. Not only is planting trees good for the environment, but by vetting locations and partnering with a company that hires local experts, we’re making sure we’re approaching the problem holistically while also benefiting local communities.

These features are just our first step in creating more sustainable shopping options for you; they’re available in the U.K. only for now, and we expect to roll them out to additional markets soon.

Price comparison and price history now available on-the-go

I get a lot of my shopping done on my mobile phone and I’m sure you do as well. That is why, at Microsoft Edge, we’re working very hard to bring all those handy shopping features that we have on our desktop browser to your mobile device. Our built-in coupons feature is already on Microsoft Edge on iOS and Android and, this month, we’re also bringing our built-in price comparison and price history tools to Microsoft Edge on Android. Now, you can be confident you have the best price on that one gift that your child just has to have, and you can also plan your future purchases with price history – all from your Android smartphone. We’re working very hard at bringing the rest of the features to your Microsoft Edge mobile app, so stay tuned for more on additional releases in future editions of this blog.

Stay safer while shopping online this holiday season

Look, we love saving you time and money, but your online safety also remains a top priority. On a recent blog, we talked to you about keeping your password information secure with features like our password health dashboard and Password Monitor. When you use these features, you can keep an eye on any potential leaked credentials and make sure that the passwords you’re setting are strong and not being repeated across sites. Today, I am excited to announce easy update, a feature we’re piloting to make it easier for you to update your passwords. Should any of your saved credentials become compromised or need to be updated due to lack of strength/reused across multiple sites, you will now have the option to update passwords with just one click. Simply navigate to the Settings/Passwords page within Microsoft Edge and click on Change right next to the credentials you’d like to update. This will take you directly to the change password page of the account in question. And with password generator, Microsoft Edge will even create a brand new, strong password for you and save it to continue to monitor on your behalf. Easy update is only available across a limited number of sites to start, but we will be working diligently to expand this list in the coming months. This is just another way in which Microsoft Edge is the fast and secure browser that helps you save time and money.

Rewards just got simpler

I am a huge fan of Microsoft Rewards. If you aren’t familiar with Microsoft Rewards, it is a loyalty program that gives you points for searching in Microsoft Edge, shopping or gaming with Microsoft. You’re able to collect Rewards points which you can then redeem for gift cards, sweepstakes, exclusives and more. My personal favorite, you can also donate those points to an eligible nonprofit and help make a difference. Awesome, right? Well, we want to make it easier for you to join Microsoft Rewards. That’s why we’re now giving you the option to pin the Rewards experience to the Microsoft Edge tool bar. You can do this by opening the three-dot menu in Microsoft Edge, right clicking on the Microsoft Rewards option and selecting “show in toolbar.” You can also turn on the Rewards experience by enabling the “Microsoft Rewards button” in the Microsoft Edge Appearance settings. From there, you’ll be able to join with one click and start earning points today. Learn more about Microsoft Rewards.

Get the most out of your battery life with efficiency mode

I’ve been spending a lot of time on the go recently, taking kids to soccer practice and coding classes. These usually take place during the day, which usually leads me to sit in my parked car getting work and some of my holiday shopping done. In those cases, it is really important that I maximize my battery life so I can get as much done as possible during those hours. This is why I am excited to introduce efficiency mode in Microsoft Edge. When your device’s battery is low, Microsoft Edge will set itself to efficiency mode and significantly reduce system resource usage like CPU and RAM, extending battery life and helping you get more done while on the go.

Thank you, as always, for reading.  I am so grateful for all of you and for all that you do! Please continue to send us your feedback as we work to make the web more innovative and open for everyone. I hope that our latest shopping features help you get that holiday shopping done. More importantly, I hope you enjoy the rest of the year with your friends and family.


* For every 10 purchases made in the Microsoft Edge browser through 30 November 2022, Microsoft will contribute funds to have one tree planted through our partnership with the Eden Reforestation Projects, up to a total of £150,000. Visit for more information about their work. Applicable to online purchases from within the U.K., of products only, and through eligible stores as indicated on qualifying sites. Microsoft reserves the right to cancel, change or suspend this program at any time without notice.


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Babylon.js 5.0: Key Engine Advancements – Part 3

Our mission is to create it one of the most powerful, beautiful, and simple web rendering engines in the world. The latest Babylon.js 5.0 engine packs a ton of new improvements to help you create stunning experiences. Unlimited Morph Targets No matter what you call them, Blend Shapes, Shape Keys, or Morph Targets, Babylon.js 5.0 adds…




Our mission is to create it one of the most powerful, beautiful, and simple web rendering engines in the world. The latest Babylon.js 5.0 engine packs a ton of new improvements to help you create stunning experiences.

Unlimited Morph Targets

No matter what you call them, Blend Shapes, Shape Keys, or Morph Targets, Babylon.js 5.0 adds rocket fuel to your ability to use influenced vertex positions. This new feature now gives you literally unlimited amounts of Morph Targets. Want to have a complex animated face with thousands of Morph Targets to get that perfect expression? Now you can, all in the web, all for free!

See it in action here: Unlimited Morph Targets Demo

Learn more: Unlimited Morph Targets Documentation

YouTube Series: Tech Artist’s Journey YouTube Playlist

Order Independent Transparency

Rendering transparent objects is complicated! The Babylon.js Platform has always strived to make it as easy as possible to help you inform the system of rendering order, alpha index, run depth-prepasses, and much more, so your scene can look correct. With Babylon.js 5.0 we’ve wrapped a bow on it all. All of the complexity of rendering transparent objects can now disappear with one single, simple line of code:

Try it out: Order Independent Transparency Demo

Learn More: Order Independent Transparency Documentation

WebXR Advancements

WebXR is an incredible web standard allowing web developers to create amazing cross-browser XR experiences. Using WebXR to add a mobile AR component to your web site can be a simple and fun way to engage your readers/users even further. While the technology to render world-locked 3D objects has existed in Babylon.js for some time, Babylon.js 5.0 steps the beauty-factor up several notches with the introduction of Light Estimation. This powerful yet easy-to-use new feature allows your Babylon.js scenes to estimate the light in your real-world location and automatically match the lighting and shadows of your virtual world-locked object. This creates a cutting-edge level of immersion between the physical and digital worlds…and it’s all here in Babylon.js…all for free! Babylon.js 5.0 also adds support for WebXR image tracking and WebXR Layers!!!

Check it out on your Android Phone: Light Estimation Demo, Image Tracking Demo

Learn More: Light Estimation Documentation

glTF Updates

The Babylon.js Platform prioritizes support for the absolute latest and greatest advancements to the glTF file format. This means every new version of Babylon.js unlocks new beautiful advancements in rendering capabilities, and Babylon.js 5.0 turns up the heat! With full support for KHR_materials_volume, KHR_materials_transmission, and KHR_materials_ior, you can now render some absolutely STUNNING visuals!

Check it out: KHR_materials_volume Demo

Learn More: KHR_materials_volume, KHR_materials_transmission, KHR_materials_ior

Mixed Reality Toolkit for Babylon.js

Babylon.js 5.0 also adds updated support for the world’s most advanced 3D interface component library, Mixed Reality Toolkit. This advanced library makes it incredibly easy to add advanced XR UX elements into your Babylon.js scenes such as: holographic slates, 3D Sliders, Touch Holographic Buttons, Touch Mesh Buttons, and much much more!

Check it out: MRTK Demo

Learn More: MRTK Documentation

Material Plugin Manager

When it comes to creating real-time shaders power, performance, and flexibility are critical! Babylon.js 5.0 brings introduces a brand new feature that doubles down on all of three. The Material Plugin Manager gives you the ability to add custom code to any Babylon.js shader. This means that you can fully customize any advanced shader, such as PBR, to go even further. The Material Plugin Manager provides developers with the flexibility to fully customize the power, performance, and look of any shader!

Check it out: Material Plugin Manager Demo

Learn More: Material Plugin Manager Documentation

Much Much More

Wow that’s a lot, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg! Improved Shadow Performance, Vertex Animation Textures, a brand-new Build System, there’s more to Babylon.js 5.0 than you can imagine! Want a full view of everything that’s new? For a full list of features, enhancements, and fixes you can head on over here.

Babylon.js 5.0 launches the Babylon.js platform to incredible new heights and we cannot wait to see you reach for the stars with it!


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In their mission to diversify STEM education, twin brothers use Windows 11

Twins Miles and Malik George are almost always in sync. They graduated at the top of their high school class as co-valedictorians. At MIT, these bioengineering students embraced and expanded upon their love of science. They were also in multiple diverse groups on campus such as Nu Delta Fraternity, The Standard, and Laureates and Leaders.…




Twins Miles and Malik George are almost always in sync.

They graduated at the top of their high school class as co-valedictorians.

At MIT, these bioengineering students embraced and expanded upon their love of science. They were also in multiple diverse groups on campus such as Nu Delta Fraternity, The Standard, and Laureates and Leaders.

This last program is dedicated to helping under-represented students get Ph.D.s or M.D./Ph.D.s and has a selective entry process. The two fondly remembered the program as instrumental in shaping their academic careers.

They worked with MIT Admissions as Admissions Ambassadors to increase the number of underrepresented students that apply to and attend the university. On campus and virtually, they worked in several biological engineering labs. They’re about to graduate and will be pursuing Ph.D.s in Biological Engineering at MIT.

They’re both passionate about bringing STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) to under-served communities through hundreds of funny and informative lessons posted to TikTok and other social media. Their mix of memes, dances and trivia reach all kinds of audiences. They teach what they find exciting about science.

“The more curious you are about one subject, the more you learn about that subject, the more curious you become about everything else,” Miles says. “Curiosity is the reason why people keep innovating. And so as long as people are curious, people will keep learning.”

“Curiosity leads to solutions, you know?” Malik adds.

The brothers will host a private virtual education event for students May 17 in partnership with Microsoft Stores. This session will reach 10,000 students and will feature an inspirational fireside chat, STEM demonstration and interactive Q&A.

The twins strive to be role models for the next generation, to inspire them to follow their dreams.

“In high school we did a lot of science fairs. Being able to count on your hand how many people look like you in a room of over a hundred people, it’s pretty sad,” Malik says. “As we became involved in science ourselves, we wanted to make sure that people saw there are people that look like us in the field and that they can and should feel welcome to do so as well.”

They’re both PC gamers who enjoy comic book universes and socializing with their many friends.

They are part of a tight-knit family, helping their parents with gardening and jigsaw puzzles, watching movies together and doting on the senior Shih-tzu (who is the fifth member of their household).

But they are also individuals.

Malik is the “explainer.” As his brother shares, “He’s going make sure that if he’s telling you about something, you know everything that there is about the topic and he’s going make sure you understand it at the end of the day.”

“If I’m the explainer, then Miles is the convincer,” says Malik. “You know, he can summarize any topic – no matter how advanced – in a couple sentences to any age group and they’ll understand it.”

This works well when they’re doing presentations, which have reached more than 1,000 students remotely (ranging in age from late elementary school to high school seniors) since January 2021. They’ve been getting more interest about K-12 presentations and plan to continue those.

“I’ll do the intro. He does methods and results. I do the conclusion. He gives you the scientific know-how, how to learn. Then I bring it back at the end,” Miles says.

They also have different work styles – though both are also lifetime PC users. For as long as they can remember, they’ve always been on Windows, starting from their childhood.

“If you were to look at my desktop, you will see at least three applications open at once. If you look at Miles’ desktop, you’ll see one application open, but he’ll have three desktops that he’ll switch between,” Malik says.

Multiple desktops are one of Miles’ favorite Windows 11 features.

“I have one program that I’m focused on. When I’m done focusing on it, I’ll switch to another desktop and that’s what I’m working on then,” he says. “Each assignment gets its own desktop, and I will get to it when I get to it.”

They’ve discovered other Windows 11 features that make them even more efficient.

“As a student, I am constantly searching through emails, especially through keyword search,” Malik says. “I globally search by who sent it or a keyword and it will just show up right there. And I can read it or I can click it and reply from the same place. Windows 11 really takes away flipping back and forth between things. And then anything that you don’t have open, you can also just go through the Start menu.”

They also make great use of Snap Assist.

“I can have an essay snap to the right on Word. I can have some internet research article on the left,” Malik says. “And then if I need to check my email, it would just pop up in the center and I don’t have to cover what I was already working on.”

They like that they can tailor Windows 11 to what works best for each of them.

“It really feels like a personalized experience when I’m online. And it really visually is a much better experience than what I’m used to,” Miles says. “As a researcher, I’m used to a lot of diagrams, a lot of graphs. It really combines multitasking with this beautiful element of note taking and annotating directly on the screen.”


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Babylon.js 5.0: News Tools – Part 2

We are artists, developers, creators, and dreamers and we want to make it as simple as possible to enable everyone to bring their ideas to life. With this new version of Babylon.js, we set out to make it even easier to develop thanks to a suite of new and exciting tools. Animation Curve Editor Creating and…




We are artists, developers, creators, and dreamers and we want to make it as simple as possible to enable everyone to bring their ideas to life. With this new version of Babylon.js, we set out to make it even easier to develop thanks to a suite of new and exciting tools.

Animation Curve Editor

Creating and modifying animation data in a rendering engine can be complicated and verbose, but not anymore! Babylon.js 5.0 adds a built-in Animation Curve Editor (ACE), making it incredibly easy to create and modify animation data directly in your Babylon scene. As with all Babylon.js Platform tools, you can also save your animation data to the Babylon.js Snippet Server and load it back into your Babylon.js scene with one single line of code!

See it in action here: Play with the Animation Curve Editor

Learn more: Animation Curve Editor Documentation

Performance Profiler

Performance is one of the most important things to keep in mind as you create advanced interactive 3D experiences. After all, you don’t want to create an awesome experience that only runs on the most high-end graphics cards, right? You want to create something that EVERYONE can enjoy, and this means keeping track of and optimizing the performance of your scene. Babylon.js 5.0 makes performance debugging and management a breeze with the introduction of the new Performance Profiler. This handy tool allows you to see a real time graph of key performance indicators of your scene, all hooked up live! Make a change, see the impact on perf. It’s really that simple!

See it in action here: Performance Profiler Demo

Learn more: Performance Profiler Documentation

GUI Editor Beta

Babylon.js has a powerful GUI system that offers countless widgets, controls, and properties to help you create rich GUIs. With Babylon.js 5.0 that powerful system becomes far simpler to use with the introduction of the GUI Editor Beta. While still in active development, the GUI Editor Beta is a rich and modern tool, allowing you to create the perfect GUI with a simple and intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Say goodbye to thousands of lines of GUI code and hello to a world of design with the GUI Editor Beta and loading your creations with a single line of code!

See it in action here: GUI Editor Beta Demo

Try it out for yourself: GUI Editor

Learn more: GUI Editor Beta Documentation

New Node Material Nodes

The Node Material Editor is one of the most advanced tools available in the Babylon Platform. One simple UI that helps you generate stunning GLSL shaders with ease. With Babylon.js 5.0 the Node Material gets even better with the introduction of several powerful new nodes!

Check out the new nodes:

Learn More: Node Material Documentation

Asset Librarian

The Babylon.js Platform offers a large library of free Creative Commons 0 assets available for you to use in your Babylon.js scenes, completely for free. With Babylon.js 5.0, accessing these assets is easier and faster than ever! The new Asset Librarian brings a new Assets namespace that you can use in your projects to easily access the 200+ free assets to make your Babylon.js scenes soar.

Try it out: Asset Librarian Demo

Learn More: Asset Librarian Documentation

Dev Stories Documentation

Babylon.js 5.0 adds a whole new category of documentation called “Dev Stories.” These new tutorials are designed to walk you, step-by-step, through some common scenarios that many Babylon.js developers ask about. From setting up a Babylon.js project quickly, adding interactive 3D elements to your e-commerce site, to deploying your Babylon.js project to a Native Application, “Dev Stories” are rich, deep, detailed tutorials aimed at helping you take your project from idea to reality!

Check It Out: Dev Stories!

“Going The Distance With Babylon.js” A New Book               

We are also incredibly excited to share that alongside Babylon.js 5.0, community member and talented author Josh Elster has written an entirely new book about Babylon.js 5.0. Published by Packt Publishing, “Going The Distance With Babylon.js” is written from the mindset of taking you through the entire development process of building a game with Babylon.js from the ground up. We are thrilled to partner with Josh and Packt on this book and think it’ll be a great addition to your library and accelerate your Babylon.js learning journey.

Pick Up Your Copy Here: Babylon.js 5.0: The Book

Beside the tooling, there are also a ton of new features in the engine itself. Check out part three to learn more about the exciting new improvements with Babylon.js 5.0.


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